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Cubanite (also known as "chalmersite") is a rare copper mineral that does not contribute much to the supply of copper.It would not even be considered an ore of copper except that it is often interbedded with other ores of copper and so it does contribute some copper when these other ores, such as chalcopyrite, are processed.Cubanite is also associated with gold in some gold mines.

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Precambrian terrane with significant mineral resources, particularly gold and iron. The geology of the Iron Quadrangle comprises an Archean greenstone belt sequence, represented by the Rio das Velhas Supergroup, surrounded by archean granite-gneiss terrains which are overlaid by a Paleoproterozoic sedimentary succession, the Minas Supergroup.

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Escavação de Tubulões Com Máquina Perfuratriz - Guia de ...- portal bau equipamentos de mineração perfuratriz,Encontre na AECWeb fornecedores e fabricantes de escavação de tubulões com máquina perfuratriz próximos de ...Dragagem e mineração ... Portal dos Equipamentos;Notícias com a tag brocas de perfuração - Portal dos PoçosO Portal dos Poços é um portal de negócios ...

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